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Tenacious NYC Auto Accident Lawyers Fight for Injured Parties

High-quality legal representation for car crash victims throughout New York

Motor vehicle accidents are one of the most common causes of serious and catastrophic injury in the United States. For decades, The Tacopina Injury Firm has represented victims of auto accidents throughout the greater New York area. Although we are small enough to give each client personalized attention, we have the resources to challenge powerful defendants, such as large auto insurance companies, to win full and fair compensation for our clients. Our reputation for high-quality litigation rests on our commitment to thorough investigation, exhaustive trial preparation, principled and tenacious negotiation, and dynamic trial representation. When you retain The Tacopina Injury Firm, you can have confidence in their ability and determination as the firm fights for the best possible resolution to your case.

Common causes of auto accidents in New York City

Causation is one of the most important elements to any personal injury case. Our attorneys have successfully managed cases arising from a wide variety of causes, including:

  • Distracted driving — The use of cellphones and other electronic devices has increased driver distraction. But drivers also take their attention off the road ahead by listening to loud music, engaging in animated discussion with passengers, grooming, eating, and drinking.
  • Drunk driving — Drivers who are impaired by drugs and alcohol cause a substantial percentage of serious and fatal accidents.
  • Speeding — Traveling above the speed limit or at a rate unsafe for the conditions creates a greater risk of a serious accident. Accident reconstruction can often pinpoint with reasonable accuracy the speed at which vehicles were traveling prior to a crash.
  • Failure to yield — Aggressive or inattentive drivers who do not obey right-of-way laws are among the worst offenders when it comes to causing traffic collisions.
  • Following too closely — Tailgaters put themselves and others at risk by not allowing themselves enough time and distance to safely react to cars braking or stopping ahead of them.
  • Mechanical defect — Auto manufacturers have produced many defective parts in recent years, including faulty accelerator pedals, ignition switches, and gearshifts, which have led to fatal accidents.

Our legal team interviews witnesses and consults accident reconstruction experts and mechanical engineers to ascertain the precise cause of your accident.

Personalized attention for serious and catastrophic injuries

A serious injury requires a long convalescence period during which you may be out of work. A catastrophic injury is one that permanently changes your life. Injuries of this magnitude require large damage awards to truly compensate the victim. If you have suffered the loss of a limb, your eyesight or hearing, a displaced fracture, internal organ damage, spinal cord damage, traumatic brain injury, or paralysis, you need to retain proven legal counsel. The attorneys who will be working for you have a track record of accomplishment: our legal team has recovered millions of dollars for injured clients. Our attorneys are ready to put their experience and resources to work for you.

Contact an accomplished NYC law firm for auto accident injuries

Injuries suffered in an auto accident can have a profound effect on you and your family well into the future. When your injuries are the result of negligence, you deserve knowledgeable representation from experienced personal injury attorneys. Our attorneys fight tenaciously for victims of motor vehicle crashes. To schedule a free consultation and case evaluation with The Tacopina Injury Firm, call us today at 347-246-5102 or contact our Manhattan office online.